Server Creation

ISkizzlesI FounderTester posted Jul 25, 18

Server Creation:


Let me go ahead and introduce myself, My name is Dakoda otherwise known as ISkizzlesI. The start of this Network was due to finding myself in a certain situation. I had no server to update, fix, or all around care for so I decided to start my own.

About me -

I am a 19 year old Network Administrator / Software Engineer. I have been working on Networking since I was about 14 years old, computers since I was around 12, and coding/developing minecraft servers since 13. A few of my works include developing for Hypixel, Mineplex, among numerous other networks. My past experience comes from being an Admin, Manager, and other staff roles on other networks to further my knowledge on Minecraft. I started playing Minecraft the first week it came out in 2009 to where I would say I have seen just about everything in this game. This has lead me to creating this network so my creations and ideas can bring happiness to friends and new people.

Welcome to the pack,

- Skizzles and Staff