Respect All Users

Everyone playing is a human, because of that we would really appreciate if you could refrain any toxic behavior which includes:

  • Inappropriate Chat

  • Harassment

  • Trolling

Sensible, well-thought-out speech will make everyone’s day better. Remember that the players on the other side of the screen are people like you.

Cheating,Client Modifications and Exploiting Bugs

We define cheating as using any bug, hack, exploit, or any other method to gain an advantage over other players. Please report bugs/exploits to the staff, failing to do so can result in a restriction being placed on your account(s).

We allow the following categories of modifications:

  • Performance, graphics, and aesthetic modifications (including shaders and OptiFine)

  • Armor, status, and HUD modifications that do not give a significant advantage

  • Health indicators

  • Minimaps that show the ground level and do not show players

  • Recipe modifications

  • Sprint toggle

We specifically disallow the following modifications:

  • Automated movements (walking, fighting, aiming, fishing, mining, etc.)

  • Consistent movements triggered by laying something on your keyboard/mouse (to keep mining/walking or similar)

  • Vision enhancements (x-ray, trackers, tracer, wallhack, etc.)

  • Fighting cheats (anti-knockback, bunnyhop, kill-aura, etc.)

  • Spoofing cheats (ping spoof)

  • Any change to the way you connect to our server (proxy or other connection)

  • If you happen to have a modification that is not listed above, and are unsure about it’s allowance, please contact a staff member. We are also glad to answer any curiosity questions about the mentioned modifications. The responsibility of using these are completely on the player.

    Any use of automated movements, anti-afk programs, modified clients: are not allowed.

    Any third-party application that gives an advantage is forbidden from use. Macros must have a 1 input is 1 output as in 1 command per button press.

    Pretending to hack holds the same punishment, we will not waste our time to make sure you are hacking or not. This is because it can upset players, while also wasting the time of our staff members.

    Our Shop is customized to bring the best economy it can. While this is good for the player-base it also can bring glitches and exploits. Any player found abusing an exploit will be banned for 30 days for the first offense. If you find a glitch, please report it via our website, or our discord.

    Report players via our website or discord, be respectful to our staff and other players, any false reports will lead to the punishment being applied to those who sent it, use of fakehackers is an instant perm ban from the server.

    Alternate Accounts

    We only allow the use of one main account and four alternate account. If a player is found to have more than five active accounts, they will have those accounts restricted.

    Active accounts are accounts that are actively being used, if an account joined accidentally, or has not been active for a period of time they will not be seen as an active alt.

    We define "using more than five accounts" as having more than five accounts (your main account and your alternate accounts) online at the same time, or using more than five accounts to claim kits, be in your faction, or to otherwise gain an in-game advantage.

    Using other accounts to evade a restriction will result in a longer restriction. Please don’t do this, as it is counter productive.

    Using a VPN or Proxy

    Any use of VPN’s or Proxies is not allowed, you will be perm banned on that IP along with any other IP’s you have connected with. All accounts found on said VPN or Proxy will also be perm banned.

    Respect Staff Members

    All decisions made by staff members are considered final unless appealed successfully through a ticket. We ask you to please not argue about staff decisions in public chat or on the forums. If you feel like you have been wrongly punished or mistreated in any way, use the ticketing system to voice your concerns, or send a member of the administrative team a private message.

    Our staff members are human too, please keep that in mind. We would like to ask you to be respectful towards them, just like we ask you to stay respectful towards other players.

    Any hostile, disrespectful, crude, or toxic communication may result in a restriction on your account

    Impersonation and Psuedo-Staffing

    We do not condone players to impersonate staff members, or pretend to be a staff member. Different staff members have a different color prefix:

    • Bordeaux: Owner

    • Green: Co-Owner

    • Red: Admin, Manager

    • Yellow: Helper, Mod and Mod+

    Please do not pretend to be a staff member or any other player other than yourself. Helping players is appreciated, but do not act as if you are a staff member. Impersonation of players, other than staff members, is allowed on hostile servers; servers that allow tp-trapping. This applies to everyone, including applicants for the staff team.


    Please don’t spam, we consider the following as spam:

    • Repeating similar messages frequently

    • Messages consisting of a large amount of capital letters

    • A large number of messages in a short period of time (such as a countdown)

    • Staff members may have other definitions of spam, their judgement should still be respected.

      Inapropriate Content

      Please be mindful of other people when speaking in chat and Refrain from using profane or offensive language. Following the well known PG-13 rule of seldom using curse words keeps the chat less toxic. We don’t want to have to police the chat and punish offenders with an iron fist, but we do ask all players to maintain a friendly atmosphere on all server features.

      Things that can be seen as inappropriate content:

      • Racism

      • Offensive Capes, Skins or Player Names

      • Inappropriate Buildings

      • Anything Sexually Explicit


      Advertising any other server in-game or on the forums is forbidden, please don’t do it.
      Please don’t send any URL that are not used for Image or Video sharing, here are some guidelines:

      • Nothing sexually explicit

      • Nothing involving other servers

      Account Secruity and Sharing

      You are responsible for the security and use of your minecraft and website accounts, because of this you will also be held accountable for any activity coming from it. This applies even if you were not in control of the account at the time. We suggest to not share your account with anyone, in order to avoid any problems.
      Because we hold everyone accountable for their own account, even if someone else was using it at the time of the offense, the punishment will still be applied to the account that made the offense.
      Please use a strong password, consider changing your password frequently, and never share your password as this can minimize the chance on getting a restriction placed on your account, when it was not you who was using it. Our staff members will never ask your password or account information.


      Because you are in charge of your own account, we do not take responsibility for any trades that went wrong and caused you to lose your items after receiving them, we have a system in place that should make it almost impossible to happen (/trade (player).
      All purchases made in the webstore are tracked and maintained by the Management team. In the event that someone buys a rank for you and charges back please contact Dakoda either on the website or via discord @Dakoda#0718, of which he will handle the situation appropriately.

      Gameplay Offenses

      A short explanation of what is allowed on which server


      • Factions

      • Prison


      • Factions

      • Prison

      • (Skyblock and Survival): keep your stay short, you may ambush a player once or twice, but don’t overdo it

      Trapping/TP Killing:

      • Factions

      • Prison: TP Killing is allowed, Trapping players is not.

      • KitPvP

      • Scamming:

        • Factions

        • Prison: Regular scamming is allowed, as it goes with the nature of the server, however Sign Scamming is not allowed.

        • KitPvP

        • Power Boosting is not allowed on any of our servers. Power boosting is seen as using alternate accounts in a faction in order to keep your power up.

          Survival and Skyblock are very non-hostile servers, because of this many of the things listed above are not allowed. If a player does do this on either of our non-hostile servers, we ask you to please report them. Trading and Auctioning items can prevent scamming, however without sufficient proof we won’t compensate for any items lost.

          Camping: staying/camping at other player’s spawn point or houses, in order to be able to kill them (easily).

          Griefing/Raiding: Destroying, or stealing items from another person's claim, or preventing them from expanding their claim.

          Trapping and TP Killing: Teleporting someone to you, or them to you, and putting them either in immediate danger, or preventing them from leaving. This also counts for Warps and such.

          Scamming: Lying to a player in order to steal items from them, this can also be done with asking too much or too little from a player in order to help yourself in a positive way. (when an item has been renamed, that name will appear in Italics (slanted text)

          Sign Scamming: When there is a hidden sign that tricks players into thinking they are clicking a button or lever. The sign is designed to scam players out of their money without the player even knowing its possible.